Day: April 7, 2020

four boys laughing and sitting on grass during daytime
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Spring Fling Kidlit Contest

I enjoyed participating in the Spring Fling contest last year so I thought I would put on my creative hat and write another story for this year’s contest. The rules: The story should be geared to children 12 or younger. Find a GIF that inspires your story. The word count can only be 150 words or less. Sounds easy, right? But I did enjoy the creative process and it was a good distraction. See what you think. I posted my entry below.   The Park Bench by Sheila Alford The park bench sat empty except for a thin pink-petal blanket. It remembered Mondays when children would run and play after school. On Tuesdays, an elderly couple would sit, feed the birds, and talk. Wednesdays often saw a woman resting with her dog before continuing their walk up the hill. Thursdays, a teenager would sit, read and giggle while she waited on her mom to pick her up. On Fridays, a couple from the office building across the street would sit and eat lunch together. On weekends, many people would come. The bench was a place of rest, relaxation, and laughter. But for now, the bench sat empty except for a